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Please feel free to send me scanned pictures of unknown coins and I will put them on this page for all to see and identify.
Please keep the image small.

Unidentified coins:

Listed on this page are brief descriptions and  scans with thumb nail links to unidentified coins, if you can help or maybe add to this page please contact me at the E-mail link below, inquiries please quote the Item number you are referring to.

~(Item #C-2)  This Chinese coin was given to me by a friend and has a lot of decay around the face, so if you can identify it I will be very grateful.

~(Item #M-1) A Medal of some kind, associated with the Centenary of Australia?

Unknown coin.PNG (464435 bytes) ~(Item #C3) This image was sent to me by a fellow collector, it looks like a Indian coin.


The solved mystery coins are on the solved page, just follow the link below.
Solved unknown coins:

Novelty and different coins:

Where did this come from?, I have no idea it appears to be a flattened Quarter restruck with another die.

Flat Frisco.jpg (33771 bytes) item #Nov1 This coin has been put through a press and elongated usually at amusement parks, once again my thanks to Phillip York for solving this one.

The People of the Shire from Middle Earth supply this penny.

Hobbit Penny.jpg (34269 bytes) item #Nov2



Variety Coins:

I have some variety coins in my collection so if you are a variety collector please have a look at my small offering.

This 1965 Quarter from the U.S.A has a cud (lump on the coin) and a die crack.

Quarter Variety.jpg (28084 bytes) item #V1

Here we have an Italian 1997 1000 Lire that has an incorrect map of Europe depicted on the coin, see if you can pick the difference.

Variety double shot.jpg (54344 bytes) item #V2

This is a 1951 Australian 3pence with die cracks, 2 of which are circled but I have missed one, can you find it?

~LWF0010  1951 3pence Variety.jpg (38071 bytes) item #V3

This is one that my 13 year old son found, an Australian 2001 $2.00 coin with an incus or dent in the face. 

2001 $2.00 Variety.jpg (28862 bytes) item #V4

This is an Australian 1981 20cent coin on which the platypus has only 3.5 claws on the foot closest to the body, this is from the Canadian Mint.

 20c3.5claw.jpg (21782 bytes) item #V5

This item appears in the section above as an unknown, it is also a variety with a lump or cud on the face of the coin.

Chin V .jpg (22940 bytes) item #V6

This is a variety 2001 Australian $2.00coin , the effigy of Queen Elizabeth 2nd has differences in its position and size, 2 of which I have indicated, if you can see any others please e-mail the link below.

2001$2Var.jpg (30760 bytes) item #V7

This one is a 197? 20cent coin with the last digit of the date missing or very weekly struck.

20cVar.jpg (20049 bytes)

Variety500L.JPG (72908 bytes)

Here is a 500 Lire bimetal coin from Italy with an off centre strike on the reverse.


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