As I am primarily a coin collector these banknotes are an  item acquired only by chance, in exchanges for coins and as gifts from other collectors or from my well travelled extended family.

All Banknotes displayed on this page are at a reduced size because two of the old German Empire Notes are huge and took too long to load just click the small image to get a look at the big picture. 

So come on in and have a look at some really nice World Banknotes.

Argentinean Notes


Brazilian Notes

brazil_notes_1.jpg (8344 bytes) brazil_notes_1.1.jpg (6242 bytes)

Bhutan Notes

1 ngultrum

Bhutannote.jpg (61787 bytes)

Chinese Notes

Ecuador notes

5 Sucres

5EdosF.jpg (38726 bytes) 5EdosR.jpg (33180 bytes)

20 Sucres

20ScrF.jpg (41852 bytes) 20ScrR.jpg (33787 bytes)

Estonian Notes

This One Kroon note is a special note in that it is a star note, it has no letters in the serial number, it is also one of the first issue after independence was gained from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Note kindly supplied by Rasmus Runne of Estonia (Refer to good traders page) in exchange for many Australian Coins.

Estonian_note_1.jpg (12387 bytes) Estonian_note_1.1.jpg (12640 bytes)

2 Krooni

5 Krooni

Estonian_note_3.jpg (16173 bytes)

The German Empire

100 Marks  1906

German_Empire.1.jpg (34707 bytes)

1000 Marks 1910

German_Empire.2.1.jpg (18625 bytes)

Greek Notes

100 Drachma

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Greece_1.1.jpg (38273 bytes)

Hong Kong Notes

5 Dollars

Hong_Kong_1.1.jpg (42651 bytes)