My Favourite Coins and Banknotes

Just a few really excellent coin and Banknote images for you to look at.

Item #1:

O&RCrn.jpg (27839 bytes)

  Australian 1937 Crown (5 Shillings).
Sterling Silver
Composition 92.5% Silver 7.5% Copper
Circulation= 1,008,000 
Proof Coinage=250 Pieces

Obverse- T. H Paget
Reverse- George Kruger Gray
No Mint Marks present on coin but I think it was the  Melbourne Mint.
A very attractive coin struck to commemorate the ascension to the English thrown of King George the 6th, the same coin was struck in the following year and dated accordingly, the 1938 coin is worth more in the market place than its predecessor due to a smaller mint quantity than the 1937.

item #2:

O&RBmda.jpg (28919 bytes)

 Bermuda 1972 Silver Dollar.
Commemorating Queen Elizabeth 2nd Silver Wedding Anniversary.
Composition 50% Silver  50% Base Metal.
Circulation= 750,000
Proof Coinage= Not documented

Item #3:

O&RCan.jpg (26199 bytes)

Canadian 1972 Silver Dollar (Voyageur Dollar)
Composition 50% Silver 50% Base Metal.
Total= 341,598

Queen Elizabeth 2nd effigy by Gillick.

Item #4:

Canadian 1963 50cent coin (New Reverse Shield)
Composition 50%Silver 50%Base Metal
Total= 8,348,871

Queen Elizabeth 2nd effigy by Gillick.

Item #5:

O&REst.jpg (16885 bytes)

 Estonian 1999 1Kroon.
Commemorates the Estonian Song Festival.
"For 130 Years the Estonian people have sung in the song festivals, for sorrow, for joy and for freedom.
Let us be together, free and singing".
Vahur Kraft, President of Estonia.

Composition 89% Copper, 5% Aluminium, 5%Zinc,1%Tin 

Mati Karmin
Lithuanian Mint