On this page I will set out three groups of links to sites
that I have found to be of use and best of all they are FREE:-
1. graphics
2. coin information and 
3. general helpful information.
So please check out these sites and most of all enjoy the experience.

Group 1 Graphics. 
For both Master and Novice alike;
Bells and Whistles, just the place for buttons, lines, backgrounds,
pictures and information about Java and html.

Excellent site for gifs and clipart.
The best site for the master but easy to use and download images.
This one is a see for yourself site.
Excellent Royalty Free Stock Photo Search for lots of free images.
Group 2 Coin Information.
American Cent Resource
All information on United States of America Lincoln 1 cent coins including varieties
and a forum for discussion of 1 cent coins.
Coin information and pricing
From the house of Krause Publications comes this site with pricing and information on coins.
Highly recommend that you take a look at this site.

Chinese Coin index
The best web site in my opinion to find out about Chinese Coins.
This site has images and how to information,
with extensive text explanations of various Chinese coins,
mints and mintmarks.

World Coin Index
This site offers a comprehensive and informative information
with images and text about the world's currently circulating coins.
Royal Australian Mint 
This is one of the best mints in the World I think, but I am an Australian.
The Royal Australian Mint Canberra has a long history of excellent coins, 
please have a look at my National Mint.
Euro Coins
This site has both information and images of Euro Coins,
it is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best Euro coin site
that I have visited.
Australian Coin Images
There is seldom a site that offers so much diversity in image and text,
as this site does.
I consider it a must for those interested in coinage from Australia and it's territories,
it holds vital information for all collectors of Australian coins. 
Japanese Mint
An excellent view of all current Japanese coinage
and where to purchase mint products out side of Japan
Coin Exchange FAQ
Exchange FAQ Fleur de coin;
The best site on the internet to learn how to and when to swap coins,
with whom and how to not get ripped off.
www.coolcollector.net / link section /
Exchange coins and talk to other World coins collectors, learn about coins
and communicate with interesting people.
An excellent site.

Coins HQ
Categorized resource directory for everything about coins.

Greek and Roman Coins
A nice site with pictures and information, also some coins for sale.

A good site to source your coins, buy, sell or just look.

Buy & Sell with confidence at the following

We Bidz Directory
Comprehensive directory
sorted by categories.
Free link submission!



Auction Bidz Australia

Group 3 General Information.

 Hotdogsss on line store.
Forget the big brand names,
go with local content buy Australian.

Australia H.Q 
All Australian content from Aboriginal to Wolf Creek

Indian Coins and Culture:

The sites listed below are for the webmaster both experienced and
novice to list their site.
Free listings in search engines are the life blood of a good web site.
All these engine listings work for me at Google Yahoo and
other lesser known international search engines. 

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