Australian Decimal coin Image

The coin images on this page are to show the different portraits of Queen Elizabeth 2nd on the obverse and the different Australian animals on the reverse of Australia's decimal coins.
I have also given the designing artist name and the metal composition of the coin along with the coin weight in some cases.

Images have been thumb nailed so just click on the small picture to get the big picture.

The Australian 5cent coin:
Weight 2.83 Grams
Size 19.41mm

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The Australian 10cent coin:
Weight 5.66 Grams
Size 23.60mm

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The Australian 20cent coin:
Weight 11.31 Grams
Size 28.52mm

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85to98.jpg (13006 bytes)

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The Australian 50cent coin:
Weight 1966 13.28 Grams
Weight 1969 onwards 15.55 Grams
Size 31.50mm

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The Australian Commemorative 50cent coins:

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50c88to98.jpg (55120 bytes)

2006.jpg (46429 bytes)

Australian Secondary School Student design competition winning design.
To promote the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth games.