Reading material for you to find out more about coins.

I Have read or used the following books about coins and found them to be of great benefit in the pursuit of the coin, be it origin, date, mintage figures, varieties or just how it came to be here.

>>Coin and Banknote Magazine:<<

A monthly publication from Australia which deals with most aspects of coins and banknotes, as well as some very informative articles on coin fairs and overseas coins as well as retail outlets for the purchase of coins and associated materials.

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>>Krause Mishler catalogue of world coins:<<

In my opinion definitely the last word in coin identification and valuation, all types of coins are represented here with illustrations and descriptions.

Mint symbols and marks from all over the world are mentioned, also standard international numerical systems and many retail outlets for the purchase of coins mostly in the United States of America.

For more information retail locations and sales of this book please contact the publisher:

Krause Publications 

700 E. State Street,

Iola, WI 54990-0001


>>A Catalogue of New Zealand Coins, Banknotes and Tokens <<

By Anthony W. Grant

I found this book invaluable in the identification, valuation and mintage numbers for all New Zealand coins and banknotes both decimal and pre-decimal, for further information regarding purchasing and retail outlets please contact the publisher:

Philatelic Distributors Limited

PO Box 863

15 Mount Edgecumbe Street

New Plymouth

New Zealand

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>>The Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes<<

>>10th Edition <<

by Greg McDonald

The most concise guide to all aspects of Australian Currency, from first coinage of the Colonial times to gold Sovereigns and on to the Pre-Decimal era and finally to the coinage of today the Decimal coin, with references to commemorative coins where applicable  in all of these groups.

For further information about this book contact the publisher:

Greg McDonald Publishing and Numismatics Pty Ltd.

PO Box 649,


New South Wales   2641



>>Coincraft's standard catalogue of English and U.K coins<< 

>>Millennium Edition<<


 Richard Lodel, Mark Davidson, Allan Hailstone, Dr Eleni Calligas

This book is a must for collectors of coins from the United Kingdom it spans from the year 1066 to 1999 and includes all coin denominations of this era with pictures and text including information on Patterns and Maundy Sets.

For further information about this book contact the Publisher:

Published by:

Standard Catalogue Publishers Ltd;



44 & 45 Great Russell Street,

London WC1B 3LU.