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20th March 2004
If all the faiths of the world put aside their ego's, petty fights and hidden agenda's for one day we would have peace in our world. 
the webmaster

22nd March 2004
No man is truly free,
for he is influenced and restrained by his own prejudicial thoughts and the thoughts of those that he has come in contact with.
the webmaster

23rd March 2004
Presidents, Religious and Corporate Leaders are zero if they have zero support.
You the people are the power through which change is made,
either for good or evil you choose your own path
and through your choices the destiny of the following generations is mapped,
for bad or for worse, so make your choices wisely lest your children suffer.
the webmaster

9th April 2004
If all the wealthy and affluent nations of the world extended an obligation free hand, to help those less fortunate Nations of the World, who in turn accepted the hand without feeling obliged to prostrate themselves or to be led by these wealthy nations into folly and situations of danger, then I think we may have equity between all Nations, Peace and Harmony for a brighter future.
the webmaster

20th April 2004
3 Questions.
Why do the ordinary people of the world have their future manipulated by huge corporations?
Why do we allow them to do this?
Is it time to break the shackles and think for ourselves?
Think about it.
the webmaster

29th April 2004
Life is a poem written by the gods,
then acted out by us mere mortals,
for the entertainment of the gods.
the webmaster

5th May 2004
Love is like a recently mined Diamond,
rough in its raw form,
but always with the potential to be beautiful with some care and polishing.
All  good things in life are enhanced
when they are achieved through hard work and determination.
the webmaster

10th June 2004
Judge not a man by his wealth and power, Judge him by his Humanity,
 for without Humanity the other attributes are as waves against the shore,
spent and soon relegated to history.
the webmaster

12th July 2004
A man of many faces is lost;
for he has no identity to call his own.
the webmaster

10th August 2004
Just Remember this:
The world is a better place;
with you in it, so remain, resolve , revive and survive.
The webmaster

18th September 2004
As age advances upon us,
let us consider what we have learned;
and how best we can pass  this knowledge 
to the next generation of custodians charged with 
the preservation of our species.
The webmaster

10th November 2005
John Howard please do not cause my family distress,
your I.R.  policies attack the family and our basic ability to exist,
abandon these policies now, we work we vote.
Please don't kick the Aussie working man in the guts.
National Day of Action November 15th 2005
Fight for your rights and the rights of every Australian worker.
The Webmaster

December 2005
Men have the ability to take life or save life,
but only women can
consciously choose to give life.
Protect and understand our women.
The Webmaster

Due to the limited amount of time the webmaster has 
the dates of thoughts will no longer be noted after December 2005.

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